Reese’s Law

What is Reese’s Law?

The law states that all button, coin and hearing aid batteries – and devices powered by those batteries – sold in the U.S. must comply with the following standards:

  1. Batteries (all button, coin cell, lithium coin cell, silver oxide and hearing aid batteries) must be packaged in child-resistant packaging.
  2. Devices must have sealed compartments – This does not include hearing aid devices as they are exempt. 
  3. Batteries and devices must have specific warning copy on their packaging.

Timeline of Reese’s Law

On Wednesday, March 8, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) formally announced a one-year stay of enforcement for the child-resistant packaging portion of Reese’s Law.  You can read the full text of the CPSC’s decision in the attached document.

We are proud of our Energizer Holdings Regulatory and Government Affairs team who worked with the CPSC, the Senate, industry associations and the wider hearing industry to advocate for this decision and ensure an uninterrupted supply of hearing aid batteries for both customers and consumers

What does this mean for battery manufacturers?

The requirements listed above apply to all battery manufacturers, and each of the items runs on a slightly different timeline. Following the stay of enforcement, battery manufacturers now have until March 8, 2024, to introduce compliant, child-resistant packaging for hearing aid batteries.

Do Energizer Holdings’ hearing aid batteries already come in child-resistant packaging?

No. No hearing aid batteries manufactured by Energizer Holdings currently come in child-resistant packaging. To our knowledge, there are no hearing aid batteries available from any manufacturer that come in child-resistant packaging.

How long before hearing aid batteries are in child-resistant packaging?

We have been working on a child resistant packaging solution for our hearing aid batteries since August 2022, and we’ll continue to diligently work on this in the weeks and months ahead. to design, test and produce compliant packaging. As we have information and progress to share, we’ll be sure to our customers updated.

Ordering batteries from Energizer Holdings’ 

Normal ordering and fulfilment operations are in place, so you can place orders for hearing aid batteries as you normally would.

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